Datasly & R

Use Datasly to explore, search, filter your R data.


Enhanced data visualization from R

With a single code line, open a data frame or a 2D matrix straight from R!
  • Download the Datasly R package from GitHub.  Then use the 'Datasly' function to open data frames, tibbles and 2D matrices within Datasly from R.
  • or use this link to see the full list of batch commands that can be used to automate Datasly (e.g. opening a dataset with Excel, running an SQL query, etc).

Open R Data from Datasly

Upon many data formats (including CSV, SAS7BDAT, XPT), Datasly can open .RData files to visualize data frames, tibbles, and 2D matrices.
Use the power of Datasly to explore, filter and search your R data, run SQL queries, and more!
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You can also use Datasly with SAS!

Datasly can open .sas7bdat and .xpt file formats. Even better, you can view and open the SAS datasets of your current SAS session work library directly from Datasly!
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