A reporting solution for clinical trials based on SAS® and Excel.

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What is ClinXPORT?

ClinXPORT is an innovative system which streamlines the statistical analysis and the reporting of clinical trials with SAS®. With ClinXPORT you can design table shells in Excel and generate the corresponding SAS® code in less than 30 seconds.

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ClinXPORT is validated (21CFR Part 11 compliant) and has proven successful in hundreds of studies. Its deployment results in a significant increase of productivity and quality while it permits to decrease costs and time reducing cost and saving time.

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SAS® Code Generation
SAS® code is produced automatically to generate tables, figures and listings according to the TFL specifications. Thanks to a modularized approach, minimal programming is required to assemble SAS® programs.
At the company level, the use of a unified reporting system across trials results in consisderable productivity gains. ClinXPORT's unique process flow saves money and time for each individual study.
Easy to Use
A user-friendly graphical interface is integrated into the MS Office suite, enabling the review, update, and reuse of output specifications and programs across multiple projects.

How it works

ClinXPORT system mainly takes place in Excel and SAS® software:
  • ClinXPORT extends Microsoft Excel with a toolbar providing a lot of functionalities, from designing shells to generate TFLs. All the study-specific information used for the reporting is defined in a Microsoft Excel workbook, and identified as meta-data using ClinXPORT to be read by SAS®.
  • A compiled catalog of SAS® macros reads the meta-data from Excel to execute programs, automate parts of the reporting, and produce the outputs. It also provides a wide range of macros that can be used by programmers to create custom SAS® programs with minimum code required.


We understand that every organization has different needs. This is why ClinXPORT is programmed in form of interconnected components, that can be installed together or independently, and we can even build custom components to meet your specific needs and standard processes.


Datasly is a user-friendly data visualization tool. It allows to easily manipulate data, apply data and search filters, calculate statistics, view distinct values, open SAS® datasets from SAS® work library, and more (eg. exploring, filtering, sorting, plotting, exporting, searching, reorganizing columns).


ClinSVN is an optional companion product to insure FDA-CFR part 11 compliance for regulatory clinical trials. ClinSVN comes with specific features for the audit trail, the access and the version-control use of ClinXPORT. The system uses the open-source Apache Subversion technology for Microsoft Windows servers. It includes several features like generating audit-trail reports, browsing reporting project versions and files, exporting versioned files, and more.

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