Who we are

ClinBAY is a global biometrics CRO with headquarters in Cyprus, Europe. Our services involve statistical consulting and programming on clinical trials, functional sourcing and software solutions.

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Where we are

Our main offices are located in Cyprus (EU), we also have ClinBAY teams located in Europe, South America, and Indian Ocean.
We have customers located worlwide across the healthcare industry.

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Customers location
ClinBAY team locations
United Kingdom

Our Customers

Our customers are located worldwide across the healthcare industry:

  • Major Pharmaceutical - Strategic Partner to 2 Major Pharma’s
  • Biopharmaceutical - Several Partners worldwide
  • Cosmetic - One of largest in the  industry
  • Biotechnology - Partners EU based
  • Non-Profit Organizations  - Contribute to the development of life changing drugs

Pharmaceutical Companies

We support several of the largest pharma companies worldwide from Phase I to Phase IV in various disease areas.

Our services include:

  • Analysis and reporting
  • Functional sourcing
  • Design innovative clinical trials

Why choose us:

  • Outstanding ratings
  • Competitive rates
  • Quality and timeliness
  • Small CRO - individual personal relationships and flexibility

We have Master Service Agreements (MSAs) in place to build long term business partnerships.

Biotech Companies

Smaller Biotech companies partner with us to provide them with a statistical unit/group.
Our support starts at first-in-human to final drug approval.

Our services include:

  • Statistical consulting
  • Design of studies
  • Regulatory approval support

We have several successful partnerships, join us to be the next success story.

Cosmetic Companies

We are a statistical partner for one of the largest cosmetic companies.

Our services include:

  • Study design
  • Analysis and reporting

We provide statistical consulting to private equity and non profit organizations during compound asssessment and clinical development.

Our Partners

To provide quality services to our customers, we remain focused on our core business. We are a true statistical CRO led by statisticians. Over the years, we have built a network of reliable CRO partners that provide high quality services in their specialty areas. These include:


Data Management

Our DM partner offers eClinical Trial services guaranteeing the highest quality of clinical trials data and outputs resulting from a streamlined process from protocol to clinical study report.

Project Management

Our PM expert ensures Quality, IT, Planning, Record retention and Compliance throughtout the trial period.


Our pharmacokinetic and modeling experts can handle non-compartmental analyses as well as PK/PD modeling projects..

Medical Writing

We work with a network or scientific writers who can assist in regulatory documents, and scientific communications.

Regulatory Scientists

For regulatory interactions and submissions, our network of regulatory scientists is available in the US and in Europe.

Quality really matters!

Our ratings are outstanding
No quality = No business
We have never lost a customer due to quality issues
We prioritize the resolution of any minor quality issue

Our Green Policy

ClinBAY strives to continually make a difference by contributing to the development of life change drugs, AND is also committed to the protection of the environment and responsible use of natural resources by following a Green Policy. As proactive keepers of the public health and the environment, the ClinBAY team embraces pollution prevention and sustainable development while continually seeking to reduce resource consumption.

Read our green policy
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