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ClinBAY provides statistics training for non-statisticians to help your clinical team streamline communication and solve problems related to data.

Presentation of visualised data

Q: How can I make sense of my data?

A: Statistics is the answer to all problems related to data.

Statistics are usually separated into two categories. Descriptive and inferential. These are Frequentist statistics: we make inferences from a sample to a population based on the frequency of occurrence of the data. So, here probabilities are only assigned to events that can be repeated.

Allow us to make inferences from
a sample to the population

Descriptive statistics

Descriptive statistics

Help you see the overall picture of
your data by summarizing them

Bayesian statistics is a different approach to Frequentist statistics. In Bayesian statistics, we decide based on the probability that the “null hypothesis” is true given what we observed in the data.

Bayesian statistics

Use probabilities to quantify the uncertainty in any event and you draw conclusions based on previous data collected as well

We can provide statistics training sessions customized to your company’s requirements to ensure your clinical team is speaking the same language.
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