Clinical Infographics

Clinical infographics are visual representations of clinical trial data intended to present information quickly and clearly.

Man doing a presentation on illustrated data
would like to be given the choice of receiving results
wouldn’t participate in a future trial if they didn’t receive results
believe it is crucial that summaries are prepared by specialists
How are infographics going to benefit various audiences?
Trial Participants:

Receive feedback on their contribution to the study

Scientific community:

Improve visibility on their work


Receive feedback on their contribution to the study

Social media:

High spot visibility and awareness

Upper management:

Simple decision enabling presentation


Attract new investors in the business

Data is easier to read and understand
Dissect and shorten a complex subject
Visual help take informed decisions
Infographic process
Read report
Highlight critical data
Visualize the data
Layout the visual data
Deliver infographic
Kind of infographics
Group level summaries - Individual reports - Marketing reports
Format of infographics
Colour & Grayscale - Interactive & Static - Digital & Printed
Can be used as:
Video /Animation

Phase 1 Group study report example

A phase 1 clinical trial investigates the safety of the medicine at various doses and its effect on the participants. This example presents how the results of such a trial could be shared with the participants.
Clinical infographic exampleClinical infographic example
Phase 2 Group study report example
A phase 2 clinical trial illustrates the comparison of the experimental drug and the standard treatment or a Placebo. This example presents how the results of such a trial could be shared with the participants.
Phase 2 Individual report example
Providing each participant with a visual progress report providing basic information about themselves compared to the rest of the participants can increase the patient engagement.
Site performance report example
A report for internal use to share the general outcomes of the study. This could be a source of motivation for each site to stand out from competitors.
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