Vital Signs interactive figure with R & Shiny

General navigation

The selection box on the bottom enables you to select the parameter of interest to view.
The Reset button on the bottom left: Resets the figure but to the original view for the parameter.

Figure navigation

Hovering on top of points, provides the Day as well as the Mean ± SD of that point.

Figure options

Clicking on a point, provides:

  •  A table on the bottom left with all the subjects and their values that contributed to Mean ± SD. The table has a search box that enables to identify subjects and is sortable.
  • Further summary statistics (Min, Max, Median and Quartiles) for that point are provided on the bottom right.

Double clicking on a point, switches the Mean(SD over time plot to an individual subjects plot over time for the treatment group double clicked.

More figure options

When an item in the legend is clicked it is removed and figure is resized. On the Mean (SD) figure clicking on the “Placebo” will remove the “placebo” lines, and in the individual patient clicking on the subjects ID will remove the subject.
When you hover over the figure additional tools appear on the top right, that enable you to navigate and explore your data even more. The functionalities of the tools enable you to take snapshots, zooming, navigation options, and more.