Adverse Events interactive table with R & Shiny

Main table navigation

Clicking on an individual cell will transfer you to a listing with more information on the subjects which experienced this adverse event. Clicking on the System Organ Class or the total column provide all patients, whereas clicking on Placebo or Test will only provide the information for that treatment.

Listing of AEs navigation

After a cell is clicked a listing is provided. The listing is paginated by default with 25 entries (navigation to the next page can be done using battons on the bottom of the page), but the number of entries can be changed using the Option box above the listing. Columns that are not important can hidden by un-ticking them in the “Show columns” on the Top of the page. Clicking on a column enables you to sort by that column. The search box enables you to identify only the records you want to find (e.g. search individual subjects or some important terms). Finally, the reset button on the bottom left, enables you to go back to the main table.