ClinADaM: SDTM to ADaM

ClinADaM is a new product based SAS® and automating 85% of the process of generating CDISC compliant ADaM data from SDTM datasets.

Organasing and managing tasks and data

What is ClinADaM?

ClinADaM is a new innovative solution developed by ClinBAY which allows to generate CDISC compliant ADaM data from SDTM datasets, including the below features:

  • >85% of the process automated
  • User-friendly user interface that generates SAS programs automatically
  • Automatic generation of data specifications documentation and define.xml
  • Collaboration and shareable cloud-based projects
  • FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance with built-in audit-trail, version and security
  • Flexible and already used with a variety of sponsors data formats

Why use ClinADaM?

Using a streamlined, validated and automated solution to generate your analysis data provides the below benefits:

  • Minimum SAS technical knowledge required with the user of the UI and the step-by-step approach
  • Data Specifications documentation automatically generated and matching perfectly the ADaM data produced
  • Automatic quality checks and propositions to improve the quality of the data generated
  • Flexibility and easy re-usage of a project from a study to another
  • Generating clean SAS programs with no macro code, for the easier review

How to use ClinADaM?

ClinADaM is currently developed for internal use and will be shared with third party when available. You can subscribe to our newsletter to get informed. You can also contact us to generate ADaM data for your clinical studies or perform double-programming of your own ADaM datasets.

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