ClinXPORT: Efficient Trial reporting Solution

What is ClinXport?

ClinXport is an innovative system to streamline the statistical analysis and the reporting of clinical trials with SAS®. It is based on meta-data. Customers define the statistical analysis plan including any reporting requirements and output shells using Microsoft Office. Then, ClinXport converts this information into meta-data and passes it to SAS. SAS code is produced automatically to generate tables, figures and listings according to the SAP specifications. Thanks to a modularized programming approach, minimal programming is required to assemble SAS programs. A user-friendly graphical interface enables to review, update, and re-use specifications and programs across multiple projects.

Why is it important?

Trial analysis and reporting must remain cost-effective and produce high quality validated outputs in a timely fashion. At the company level, the use of a unified reporting process across trials and with CRO partners permits considerable productivity gains. It also simplifies the sharing of work and the integration of results from multiple sources. ClinXport has a unique process flow that permits to gain time and quality for the reporting of each individual trial. It is validated, uses SAS and has proven successful in many studies. ClinXport is easy to deploy in your company and at TPOs. It permits to decrease costs and be more productive.

Who should use it?

ClinXport is designed for statisticians, programmers, and research associates involved in the analysis and reporting of clinical trials. Using a common platform, it integrates all reporting steps from the definition of SAPs to the production of validated tables, figures and listings (TFLs). ClinXport uses the meta-data technology and modular programming to streamline the reporting with SAS®. Its user interface is integrated into the MS Office® suite. It is very intuitive, easy to use and to deploy. Try it out and you will be amazed by the gain in quality and productivity it provides.

ClinXPORT toolbar - step 1
Easily reuse ClinXPORT workbooks from projects to create new ones.
ClinXPORT toolbar - step 2
Quickly create and manage meta-data in Excel.
ClinXPORT toolbar - step 3
Export meta-data in SAS format with user-friendy interfaces.
ClinXPORT toolbar - step 4
Execute all the SAS reporting project from Excel to produce output files.
ClinXPORT toolbar - step 5
Protect information before sharing the RAP to the team.
ClinXPORT toolbar - step 6
Many additional tools allow to compare and convert documents, manage SAS formats in the Excel workbook in a user-friendly way, updating all the SAS program headers, inserting VBA utility macros in workbook, etc.

ClinXPORT for Office 2007 requires following components:

  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2007
  • SAS 9.1 to 9.3
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
ClinXPORT for Office 2010 requires following components:

  • Microsoft Excel and Word 2010
  • SAS 9.1 to 9.3
  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4 Client Profile


The architecture of ClinXPORT

Seven reasons to choose ClinXPORT:

1. Validated Using SAS for analysis and reporting
2. Robust Hundreds of studies reported
3. Flexible Handles any data structure and produces all sorts of tables, listings and figures
4. Adaptive Modular programming, change only parts of code as required between projects
5. Integrative Go directly from SAP to outputs using metadata
6. Cost effective Can be used right away! Rapid Scale-up thanks to efficient process flow
7. Supported Clear comfort of use. Support, training and maintenance