Do you have an efficient clinical trial reporting system in-house? Are you satisfied by the quality of the analyses and the presentation of results? Is it cost-effective?
If you think improvements are possible and you don’t want to invest large amounts at risk, ClinXport may interest you. It is a validated, ready-to-use and complete trial analysis and reporting solution.
Clinical research is central to our business at ClinBAY. As a statistical CRO, we design, analyse and report clinical trials for our customers. We also develop and commercialize innovative statistical software that we make available to our customers. ClinXport is our software solution for the analysis using SAS® and the reporting of clinical trials.
ClinXport is a robust, reliable and flexible product. It has been used successfully across a wide range of studies coming from various sponsors and phases. The development and deployment of ClinXport at ClinBAY has permitted to increase productivity substantially, while keeping quality of the work products outstanding.
As a pharmaceutical, biotech, medical device or CRO company, you are looking for the next-generation flexible and reliable trial reporting solution. ClinXport is for you. It is easy to deploy and use. It will save your time and money. Together, you receive training, support and maintenance.

What is ClinXport?

ClinXport is an innovative system to streamline the statistical analysis and the reporting of clinical trials with SAS®. It is based on meta-data. Customers define the statistical analysis plan including any reporting requirements and output shells using Microsoft Office. Then, ClinXport converts this information into meta-data and passes it to SAS. SAS code is produced automatically to generate tables, figures and listings according to the SAP specifications. Thanks to a modularized programming approach, minimal programming is required to assemble SAS programs. A user-friendly graphical interface enables to review, update, and re-use specifications and programs across multiple projects.

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