Clinical Trial Statistics

We provide following clinical trial statistical services:

  • Randomisation, minimization methods.
  • Parallel, cross-over, sequential trials.
  • Analyses with SAS, reports based on ICH guidelines.
  • Interim analyses, IDMC, group sequential methods.

Make better drug development decisions !

ClinBAY provides expert pharmaceutical statistics and modelling solutions to decision makers.

Our core business is to help the pharmaceutical & biotechnology industry

  • to streamline drug development plans,
  • to design cost-effective trials on the critical path, and
  • to make better go/no go and dose selection decisions.

ClinBAY offers a range of flexible statistical services to meet your drug development needs. This includes:

  • consulting on specific clinical research or business improvement projects,
  • coaching & training on decision analysis, statistical or modeling methodology, and
  • statistical programming and custom software developments.

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Our staff and partners include talented Ph.D. statisticians and scientists having significant pharmaceutical R&D experience.

We would be pleased to hear from you of any specific project or answer any further question you might have. Do not hesitate to contact us at

ClinBAY is committed to provide you the statistical solution to your R&D needs.