ClinBAY is a statistical CRO specialized in innovative clinical trials. Our goal is to help our customers to elaborate successful trials using modern statistical toolsets. We also conduct the analysis and the reporting of studies in a cost effective manner. We translate data into usable information for decision making.

Benefit from our extensive pharmaceutical statistics experience to leverage the value of your clinical trials in a cost-effective way. We help you to optimize your R&D spendings by designing the right study at the right time for the right cost. We bring you modern statistical techniques such as Bayesian methods, adaptive designs, modeling and simulations to help you take better data-driven decisions. Our cost-efficient analysis and reporting capabilities using SAS helps you build a solid information package to report study results, build registration dossiers, write publications or prepare interactions with investors.

We provide a range of ad-hoc statistical services for the design and analysis of your clinical studies, including:

  • Phase I safety and pharmacokinetic studies
  • Biomarker and proof of concept studies
  • Dose-ranging phase II trials
  • Phase III and regulatory submissions
  • Post-registration phase IV
  • Pre- and non-clinical trials

Specific support

Being flexible, we adapt our services to the specific support you need. This includes:

1. Expert statistical input into protocols

2. Study analysis and reporting

3. Ad-hoc statistical consulting and modeling

4. Integrated summaries, meta-analysis, Bayesian methods

ClinBAY is a rapidly growing company with offices in Belgium and France. Our staff involves experienced senior statisticians, pharmacokineticists, statistical analysts and trial managers. Our customers are pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device, animal health and nutrition companies in the US, Europe and Japan.

Please contact us at any time to discuss your specific projects or for any additional information. ClinBAY is committed to provide the statistical solution to your needs.