About us

ClinBAY is a statistical CRO that provides expert statistics and modelling solutions to decision makers. Our core business is to help the healthcare industry, worldwide:

  • to streamline clinical developments,
  • to design and analyse cost-effective trials on the critical path, and
  • to take better decisions using statistical and modelling approaches.

Our mission and vision

To be successful and to remain cost-effective, companies need to take reliable decisions, faster and sometimes, based on limited information. ClinBAY has the expertise in house to assist in the decision making process when there is uncertainty. Using advanced mathematical methods, we can help you to quantify risks and to identify the most successful strategy.

Our mission is to help you to design better clinical trials and to analyse and report studies in an informative and cost-effective manner. As a vision, we see that our business will sustain and grow because customers recognize our impact on their clinical trials.

Our customers

Our customers include European, Japan and US-based companies in the healthcare & industry:

  • Pharmaceutical companies
  • Biotech companies
  • Animal health
  • Medical devices & diagnosis companies

Our partners

To provide quality services to our customers, we will remain focused on our core business. We are a true statistical CRO led by statisticians. Over the years, we have built a network of reliable CRO partners that provide high quality services in their specialty areas. This includes:

  • Data management
  • Project management
  • Study monitoring
  • Medical writing
  • Regulatory scientists

We are happy to coordinate and submit a joint proposal if you have any additional needs involving these disciplines.