To improve the cost-effectiveness of clinical trials

Limassol, Cyprus, August 27, 2014– ClinBAY is expanding its biostatistics and statistical programming capabilities by opening up a new central office in Cyprus. Located in Limassol, the facility is fully operational and it is currently resourced to manage thirty clinical trials per year.

As Francois Vandenhende, Ph.D., chief executive officer of ClinBAY wrote:

This near-shore center of excellence is a wonderful asset to sustain our cost-effectiveness. ClinBAY is renowned for its statistical insight on study design and its reliability in the analysis and reporting of clinical trials. Now, we will have a greater impact on cost and this will benefit to all of our customers. Cyprus is a tax-incentive European country part of the Euro zone. This island is located in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. It has an advanced, high-income economy with a very high Human Development Index.

Christos Stylianou, Ph.D. managing director of ClinBAY, LTD. further commented the announcement as:

Our country is part of the EU and our universities share ties with leading UK and US universities. There is a vast pool of talented, open-minded and highly-trained statistical professionals available in Cyprus. By establishing the first statistical CRO on the island, ClinBAY made a clever strategic move to attract key talents in the region. Our time zone permits global interactions during working hours, worldwide. Furthermore, our local presence near the Middle-East, and Eastern Europe is an extra asset to support regional studies.

Established in 2007, ClinBAY is a global statistical CRO that provides innovative solutions for clinical trials. This involves consulting, programming and proprietary software products: Decimaker® for adaptive & Bayesian trials and ClinXPORT® for the automation of analysis and reporting with SAS®.

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